THE STORY OF REDSTA -Kalassy Nikoff-

VCCM-2030/2031 / ¥3,500

Released 2007.02.28


01. Let me know ya… feat.Kalassy Nikoff/TOKONA-X

02. To My Lady feat.Kalassy Nikoff/DESTINO

03. SWEEPERS feat. B-ninjah & AK-69,Kalassy Nikoff/M.O.S.A.D.

04. COLD GAME feat. Phobia Of Thug,Kalassy Nikoff/M.O.S.A.D.

05. Watcha gonna do? feat. Kalassy Nikoff/SYGNAL

06. Casanova feat. Kalassy Nikoff/AKIRA

07. use trick feat. U,Kalassy Nikoff,CRAY-G/DJ 4-SIDE

08. IN YA AREA feat. BIG-O,Kalassy Nikoff a.k.a.AK-69/DJ NISHIMIA

09. Original Zenius feat. MACHACO,Kalassy Nikoff/Mr.OZ

10. THA DAYZ feat. GDX,AK-69 a.k.a.Kalassy Nikoff,NORTH COAST BAD BOYZ/HOKT

11. BORN TO BE "B.I.G.

12. Hustla X Hustla feat. AK-69,LA BONO,565 & Kalassy Nikoff/GRAND BEATZ(DJ RYOW & TOMOKIYO)

13. CIUDAD COMERCIAL feat. Mr.OZ,AK-69 a.k.a.Kalassy Nikoff/EL LATINO

14. DAY BY DAY feat. Kalassy Nikoff/LA BONO


01. -Opening-

02. REDSTA RELEASE TOUR part.1 -Digest Movie-

03. Homie…feat. HI-D -Making-

04. Homie…feat. HI-D PV

05. Ak-69 a.k.a. Kalassy Nikoff in L.A.

06. Never gonna stop PV

07. REDSTA RELEASE TOUR FINAL LIVE (Kasassy Nikoff) -Opening-

08. Introduction by Mr.oz (for Phobia Of Thug)

09. Intro

10. You don't care

11. No Reason

12. Temptation

13. Give It 2 me feat. II-J

14. Luxury Night

15. Never gonna stop

16. That girl

17. Still in my heart

18. No Jealousy feat. HOKT (for NORTH COAST BAD BOYZ)

19. The time is common' feat. Ganxta Cue (for Phobia Of Thug)

20. Rain

21. Hurry Up!! feat. RYUZO

22. Honey Bee

23. Keep It Real -on da street-

24. -Ending-


  • 1000 / 1000